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ROZULT will come to you and sort through your home or office environment, deal with your hardware and software suppliers putting things right and the way you intended things to be.

You are busy and the last thing you need is to be told we only suppply this or we are only concerned with that.


At ROZULT we can work with all your suppliers, current and future software and hardware needs, and the processes your business will need to modernise, and stay competitive or protected from IT disaster.


Service 1 Hardware

ROZULTcan service, upgrade or install servers, PC's and multi screen displays into your office or home environments.

Service 2 Software

ROZULT can advise and sort through problems with your accounting, drafting, audio, publishing and specialty software

Service 3 Networking

ROZULT will help your business or home get connected, remotly work from home, Access your server or emails, connect offices together, work with your internet provider and sort through connection problems.

Service 4 Disaster Recovery

ROZULT will assess your protection against disaster and will recommend affordable solutions to keeping your important records and data constantly protected from disaster or vandalism.

Service 5 Internet

So many people can build you a web page, but did you know that the right web page can handle billing and invoicing, or keep track of stock, let customers make orders 24 hours a day.

Talk to ROZULT before you sign.

Service 6 IT Problems

Did not get what you paid for? Do you know all the passwords to your equipment? Illegal software? Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't?

Talk to ROZULT.

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